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Laetitia Sam's Timeline


In the Beginning

Laetitia Sam was born the October 1st, 1993 in Bern (Switzerland).


Start singing

Laetitia starts singing at 5 encouraged by her family of artists (singers, painters and musicians)

1998 - 2012

Singing Courses and Contest

To improve her technics, she attended a lot of singing courses and to challenge herself, she participated at many singing contest.


Start to write her own songs

Laetitia Sam decided to write her own songs and shared her personal stories about her life.


First song out

"Thank you" a first song dedicated to her mom. This song is a very personal song and Laetitia Sam decided to record the video clip in Dubaï.

2016 to 2018

5 songs out

Between pop, rap and pop country music, Laetitia tried a lot of different style and her Samers (how she call her fans since 2017) love each kind of style and support her again and again


First TV report about her career

Laetitia Sam has been approached by "Canal Alpha" a Swiss regional TV from where she's come from (Neuchâtel), A 19min report with huge visibility for her career.

2018 - 2022

Break in the music industry

Laetitia Sam needed a break to reorient her career in the music industry.


Back to the music industry

Laetitia Sam decided to work with an amazing US producer, Mister Hayden Maringer who's worked with huge artists like Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez Lady Gaga and much more. Together, they have an amazing artistic connection and they produce the first Laetitia Sam pop country album.

End of 2023

Prepare Promotion of her first album

Laetitia Sam is currently flying between Europa and the USA to prepare the promotion of her first album in the beginning of 2024 and of course writing news songs for her second album too !

February 13th, 2024

"My Turn" single released

First single "My Turn" of her first album recorded in Los Angeles is online !

April 9th, 2024

"Redemption" single released

Second single "Redemption" of her first album recorded in Los Angeles is online !

May 21th, 2024

"Say, I love you" single released

Third single "Say, I love you" of her first album recorded in Los Angeles is online !

July 9th, 2024

"Lullaby" single released

Fourth single "Lullaby" of her first album recorded in Los Angeles is online !

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